Coptic Keyboard Layouts

These free keyboard layouts for iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone) and macOS make it easy to type in the Coptic language.
1. Every letter and punctuation mark is directly accessible. (For numeric characters, one must use the numeric keypad or use another keyboard mapping.)
2. The arrangement is phonetic and resembles the English QWERTY layout. Anyone who touch types in English and is familiar with Coptic phonology will be able to touch type within a few minutes.

Design choices
ϧ is on top of the x similar to Armenian խ
ϣ is near the s and on the 2 similar to Armenian շ
is near the e, similar to Armenian է
ϥ is near the f and on the 5 (f) similar to Armenian ֆ
ϯ is near the t
is on top of the 6
is near the k similar to Armenian ք
is near the o similar to Armenian օ
is near the p

Download for iOS
1. Go to the AppStore and install Unicode Pad Pro on your iOS device. Pay the $4.99. It is totally worth the price. Respect to Mr. Ziga Kranjec for his fantastic work.
2. Download the Coptic keyboard from within the app or from here (they are the same): Coptic-RT.UnicodeMapsKeyboard (2K file)
3. Go to the Settings app > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard... > Unicode Pro (under “Third-Party Keyboards”) > Edit > (drag your keyboard into the desired position).
Coptic RT Keyboard layout for iOS

Download for macOS

1. Download this file: Coptic-RT.dmg (26 KB Mac OS X disk image)
2. Follow these instructions on how to install and use, reading “Coptic” wherever you see “Armenian.”
Coptic RT Keyboard layout for macOS