What is your sad excuse for sadness?

Not knowing Jesus, dear beloved, introduces grief into our lives.
By going to the Son, by holding our hands, that grief can be dispelled from our lives. Temptations, trials, tribulations should not inhibit our voice of witness, but just the opposite. Just the opposite. These events must become an opportunity and reason for witness. Christ Himself said, “When men take you to court, incite trouble against you, persecute you, all that must be a reason for you to give witness about me. Tribulation and sorrow should not be an occasion for grief, but, for the sake of Christ, occasion to give witness.

Today a similar thing happens. In the lives of many believers, they do not find happiness, despite that Jesus has risen! He is alive, living, he lives! But they do not find happiness, in the lives of the followers of Christ! In the lives of the children of Christ — for what reason? Because they do not reflect upon the presence of Christ in their lives. You would think they do not believe that Christ is living, He is alive, He is real, He is true, in their lives, in their hearts. When we lack this knowledge, we cannot be happy.

Where Jesus does not exist, there is grief. If in our life there is no happiness, it means that for us Jesus Christ is not a reality in our life. He must become a living reality. Christ says (Rev 3:1), “You are only alive in name; in reality, you are dead.” Are we this kind of Christian, dear beloved? Do we carry only Jesus’s name? Are we called “Christian”? We must also carry Christ’s Heart! We must also carry Christ’s Love! We must also carry Christ’s Spirit! Christ’s forbearance, sweetness, goodness! All these must we carry! So that Christ’s joy, peace may find a place in our lives.

VR Fr Vaghinag Meloyan