Where is God's House?

This reminds us that God Himself is our inhabitant.
Christ himself is the private owner (սեփականատէր) of this house. His home is we. He is our inhabitant. Consequently, the definition of “house”, when it is used, is used to remind us that this “house” has its “inhabitant”. You, my dear brother and sister, are a house. That house has its inhabitant, who is Christ Himself. That home has its resident. The Lord Jesus Christ; it is He.

Ask yourself a question. Your self, which is the home of Christ, is it really inhabited by Christ? Or is it inhabited by the world? Each and every one of us is the home of Christ, says Paul the Apostle. Christ Himself is the householder (
տանտէրը, owner, lord of the house). Every home has its householder. If we are called homes, our lord and householder is Christ Himself. Which one of us would desire that a stranger comes and puts us out of our home? No one. The same with Christ. He does not want that we put Him out of His house. Out of our hearts, out of our spirits, our experience, our life, our work, our thoughts. Our heart was created to be the home of Christ, our spirit the dwelling-place of Christ.

VR Fr Vaghinag Meloyan