TR: Character Encoding Translator

TR “translates” or remaps text from one encoding vector to another. The main motivation to create this tool was to convert a large body of ASCII-based foreign-language texts to Unicode.

Included Alphabets
• Arafi (8-bit encoding based on the Arafi font used in Lebanon Bible Society)
• Ardahan (8-bit PC encoding based on Ardahan family of fonts)
• ArmSCII-7 (7-bit Armenian encoding)
• ArmSCII-8 (8-bit PC Armenian encoding)
• ArmSCII-8a (8-bit Mac Armenian encoding)
• Eznik (8-bit PC encoding based on Eznik family of fonts)
• Haicanus (8-bit PC encoding based on Haicanus family of fonts)
• LFC (8-bit Mac encoding based on Lines Fonts & Circles fonts used by St. Nersess Seminary)
• LFC NeXT (A version of the LFC fonts for the NeXT computer)
• LFC New (An update by LFC that changed the location of the ծ and ռ characters)
• Latin (A Latin encoding)
• Laser Armenian (8-bit Mac encoding based on Laser Armenian family of fonts from Linguists' Software)
• Mac Armenian (8-bit Mac encoding based on Mac Armenian family of fonts from Linguists' Software)
• Olympia7 (8-bit PC encoding based on the Olympia7 typewriter keyboard)
• Unicode (Unicode 2.1 Armenian Codepage)

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Revision History

Download: TR2.0.dmg (340 KB Mac OS X disk image)

Requirements: Apple Mac OSX 10.6 – 10.13